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The Steve Bacic LJ Community's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Steve Bacic LJ Community


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The Steve Bacic LJ Community

This here is the Livejournal Community dedicated to fabulous Canadian actor Steve Bacic.
Join us all ye Ba-Chicks and.. Ba-Boys?! (that sounded oddly wrong), post Steve News, fanfiction, piccies, convention news, icons, graphics, anything at all Steve-related or about the Characters he has played!
Eat, Drink and be Merry!!

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Some pretties of Steve... [09 Apr 2010|08:39pm]


Comments are love, and credit is appreciated.. Thanks. :-)
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flash gordon [04 Nov 2007|12:02pm]

  Does anyone have any icons of steve as Prince Barin? I hope they will show more of him in this series.
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help [19 Sep 2007|09:31pm]

Ok, this is going to sound odd but I'm looking for images of Steve as Frederic on Blade the series. I'm mostly in need of pics of the robe.
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first post [14 Aug 2006|07:24pm]

 I'm new to the community! I was wondering if anyone has any Lord Camulus icons or wallpapers? I just love Steve in this role in SG-1. I was hoping they would bring him back in the series.
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John Tucker Must Die [06 Aug 2006|09:02am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

It's an amusing movie.

Steve is in it for approximately ten seconds, but it was long enough to squee, flail, and almost thwap emmy_bemmy in the face.

Just an FYI!

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uk fans! [25 Jul 2006|09:10pm]

Anyone else in the UK and who has Sky, Steve will be in The Colt which is showing on Hallmark Channel tonight at 1am!
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Andromeda RPG [23 Jul 2006|03:45am]

Hi hi everyone,

I'm really incredibly sorry I've been neglecting the Community a fair bit lately, please forgive me dear members!

If anyone has any info on upcoming Steve convention appearances or the like, or any news on tv or movie projects, don't hesitate to let us all know!

And of course, keep posting your wallpapers, icons and other fanart because it's all absolutely brilliant.

And on a vaguely related note...

Imperfect Tense - an Andromeda Alternate RPG

If you're a fan of Andromeda or infact ever were and would like to join a new RPG based upon the season 3 alternate universe episode 'The Unconquerable Man' where Gaheris Rhade (the ever lovely Steve Bacic) killed Dylan Hunt on the eve of the Nietzschean uprising, not the other way around, and is now Captain of the Andromeda... then please click on the above banner and take a look!
It's very much at the beginning at the moment and there are TONNES of characters free.
Gaheris and Trance are taken, and Beka may be though I'm not sure if arky_tiger is still interested or not. But everyone else is currently free, so just scoot over and take a look and/or comment below!
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Rhade Wallpapers [10 Jul 2006|08:07pm]

I have made three Rhade wallpapers for all of you

One Gaheris Rhade
One 4th season Rhade
One 5th season Rhade

Follow me to the wallpapers...
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Another vid [28 Jun 2006|12:05am]

[ mood | A mite tipsy from red wine ]

It's been a while coming, but I made a new vid.

Welcome to the Jungle

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Question [25 Jun 2006|11:04pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Does anyone have/know where I can find a Rhade moodtheme? Any help would be appreciated.

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