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Welcome, one and all, to the Livejournal Community in honour of the utterly fabulous and wonderful Canadian actor Steve Bacic!

I, nomorefrostbite, am the Captain, Chief Cook and Bottle-Washer of this sometimes shiny (sometimes rickety?) and often insane sea-faring vessel, absolutely join up if you adore Steve or any of his characters and roles.. oh and post post post!

"But what should I post about?!"
Hmm... pictures, Steve Bacic news, links, fanfiction (yay!), icons, walls, manips..character stuff.
Infact, anything even vaguely to do with Steve! And I do use the word vaguely in the loosest possible sense.

Yes, there are a few rules... Aren't there always?
-No flaming! You flame? You perish.
-Respect Steve's privacy, please, this is NOT a gossip column about Steve. Feel absolutely free to gossip about his characters, but no Real-Life Steve stuff.
-Respect the other members! Everyone is entitled to their opinion.. so they might not like the Rhade boys, they might not like Camulus.. just as long as they like Steve at all, they're alright with us!
-If you want to link us to something NOT Steve related in any way, shape or form.. please contact the Mod, me (at the email addy below), for permission.

-Most importantly, have fun! Don't be afraid to be weird or crazy and share in the love!

the steve bacic livejournal community
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To contact the Mod:
email - marzipan_clarissa@hotmail.com
personal journal - nomorefrostbite

If you want to help out in any way, need to talk to me about anything or have questions, comments, etc etc.. do do contact me! I'm always glad to be of any help.